United States doctors group says just stop vaping as deaths, illnesses rise

Study Finds That the Vast Majority of Respiratory Diseases in Vapers Are Linked to Illegal THC Products

Study Finds That the Vast Majority of Respiratory Diseases in Vapers Are Linked to Illegal THC Products

The respiratory illnesses are likely associated with a chemical exposure, but it is too early to pinpoint a single product or substance common to all cases, according to the CDC. The Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida, which is part of the Department of Health, reported that in 2018, about 25 percent of Florida high school students reported they used vaping devices. CDC officials said some laboratories have identified vitamin E acetate in product samples and are investigating that as a possible cause of the illnesses.

Nicole Aune, a program manager for the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program, says nicotine damages developing brains, and parents should be on the lookout for vaping devices, which are easy to hide.

Anyone who has vaped within the last 90 days and develops respiratory symptoms is advised to stop using the e-cigarette products and see a healthcare professional immediately.

KDHE Secretary Lee Norman said he is "extremely alarmed" about people using vaping products and says they should stop until the cause of possibly vaping-related lung-related injuries and deaths have been determined. But the long-term health effects of vaping are largely unknown.

In the USA, officials at the CDC have warned people not to use vaping products while the cause of the illnesses known as vape lung are being investigated. The cases have been involving individuals who use vaping products that contain cannabis. Five deaths have been confirmed.

Cuomo, sitting beside New York Commissioner of Health, Dr. Howard Zucker, also announced that the state's Department of Health was issuing subpoenas to three e-cigarette companies, Honey Cut Labs LLC, Floraplex Terpenes and Mass Terpenes LLC. DPH has also notified state health providers of the CDC investigation and how to report possible cases. Three patients have been classified as confirmed or probable cases and three are still under investigation.

Doctors and health officials have yet to figure out what exactly is causing the mysterious lung disease that is rapidly affecting teens.

"It is time to stop vaping", Kansas State Health Officer Dr. "If you do use e-cigarette products and you experience symptoms like those reported in this outbreak, seek medical care promptly". She says she is screening a lot more of her patients for a history of e-cigarette use than ever before. "These are falling within a regulatory gap", said Gottlieb, allowing the black market to boom with poor quality products.