Todd Phillips doesn't expect Phoenix's Joker to meet Pattinson's Batman

Joker 2019 Review

Joker 2019 Review

Joker premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival on 31 August 2019, taking home the Golden Lion, the festival's most prestigious prize.

If you're looking for some sort of dark, depressing, psychologically taut new DC cinematic universe to be built around Joaquin Pheonix's upcoming turn as Joker in Joker and Robert Pattinson's take on Batman - you're out of luck.

Do you agree with Joaquin Phoenix in thinking that Joker should be heavier, or did he just not want to diet? Everybody is going insane, and people can't stop praising Phoenix for his portrayal of the character.

What If Joaquin Phoenix Isn't Playing the Real Joker? .

The Academy loves a good physical transformation, and indeed Phoenix disappears into Fleck here. Joaquin (then known as Leaf Phoenix) starred in Parenthood as a young teen in 1989, then took a break from acting, making his comeback in the 1995 Nicole Kidman film To Die For.

This film gives him a name (Arthur Fleck), a day job (clown) and a few other personality tics, and then does nearly nothing with them, as Phoenix stalks through a grimy Gotham playing with makeup and seething with violence.

Many artists have played the role of joker in the past, but it only received due consideration and value with Heath Ledger's legendary performance.

This backs up previous reports that Joker is meant to be a completely standalone movie with no planned sequels or spinoffs.

There are many versions of the Joker by now.

Consideration in categories beyond Best Actor is certainly possible, especially if the film is a hit.

"It was a dream", he gushed of winning the award in Venice.

Joker will tell the origin story of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) becoming the iconic Batman villain, the Joker.

I was going to his house, basically begging him to do the movie.

De Niro said he "understood all the connections" but had signed up for the project because of director Phillips.

The crafts across the board are impressive and warrant consideration.

Phoenix was one of the two actors to be presented with the TIFF Tribute Actor Award and he took his time on the stage to remember people who contributed to his career. Lawrence Sher's cinematography is elegant and focused, always keeping Arthur in the frame. In the past, audiences have only ever watched Jokers who are already well-established sociopaths.