This video of hugging toddlers is charming the internet

These Toddler Besties Are Friendship Goals

These Toddler Besties Are Friendship Goals

And Maxwell's dad, Michael, certainly couldn't.

Maxwell, 26 months, and Finnegan, 27 months, show pure joy at the sight of one another other, running to give each other a hug much bigger than their size.

Cisneros says he's not normally one to post a lot of private things on Facebook but explains why he chose to in this case.

Cisneros, who is Maxwell's father, told NY station WPIX-TV "it was just a lucky moment and I got it on camera".

As of Tuesday morning, the video has received more than 120,000 views and nearly 3,000 shares.

Cisnero, who's friends with Finnegan's father, told ABC News that the toddlers also go to music classes together and both love to dance. The World would be such a handsome place if we could remain in... this precious state.

Maxwell's dad shot the video and says it's a good lesson in fighting racism and hate. They play together all the time and ride to school together.

A video of two pint-sized best friends meeting on the streets of New York City has taken the internet by storm, and with good reason.

Although the overwhelming response has been positive, unfortunately, he said there were some naysayers who've accused the parents of faking the interaction.

Cisneros said he made a decision to share the video of his son and his best friend because it was just "too special" not to share. "Now with all the attention its getting its just a great story to tell him when he's older both of them".