This KFC Colonel Sanders dating sim is totally real

The game is described as a

The game is described as a"choose your own adventure-style dating simulator that gives gamers the opportunity to date the Colonel

The game has been developed by Psyop and published by KFC. And look, despite it being a very bad KFC, it's still a fact that you miss something once it's gone.

KFC is rumored to be releasing a dating simulator as early as September 24th and we know some people who might be interested in dating the Colonel. No, "KFC" is not some weird weeabo acronym - I'm literally talking about the fast-food chicken franchise. Feeling #2: Just an aching hunger for some objectively unremarkable hot wings. KFC has announced it is developing a dating simulator that has you hooking up with Colonel Sander. No. KFC - that glorious hut of chicken that glistens in my dreams like an oily fried mirage - have made a decision to get into the gaming business with the I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Which, obviously, is described as "a finger lickin' good dating simulator". "The suave Colonel Sanders, in his signature all-white suit and folded-to-perfection bowtie, also joins the culinary school to embark on his journey of becoming the world's greatest fried chicken salesman, adding to your list of challenges".

The multi-hour-long game features nine characters who go to school with you, including the chef chapeau-wearing Professor Dog, cooking battles and battle battle, seemingly some sort of cooking career progression system, and a secret ending. Or maybe even so much more? "But be careful! Your choices have real consequences with real animated characters' feelings at stake". A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator below, via Noisy Pixel.

I've reached out to KFC and Psyop to find out more about this game, including whether or not this is a real thing. None of us are free from sin.