The Audi AI: Trail is the 4x4 of the future

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Image NewsPress

Today, German luxury auto manufacturer, Audi unveiled its all-electric off-roader concept called the AI:TRAIL Quattro. The AI:TRAIL is the fourth member of Audi's AI concept series, which begun with the 2017 Aicon.

The EQS concept is said to represent the design future of the Mercedes-Benz EQ line, a range of fully-electric models.

Interestingly, the Audi AI: Trail gets level-four autonomous driving system, which is functional on off roads as well.

The glass surface all around the vehicle gives passengers the ability to view nature outside the ride.

Audi’s New AI:TRAIL quattro Is An Off-Road Concept From Out Of This World

According to the company, the Hyundai 45 represents the company's autonomous, electric, and high-tech future, meant to offer passengers an emotional experience instead of just a driving experience.

According to Audi, the AI:Trail concept measures 13.5 feet long, 7.05 feet wide, and has a roof height of 5.5 feet, while large 22-inch wheels with chunky 33.5 inch tires hint at the concept's off-road capabilities.

Ground clearance is 13.4-inches, and the vehicle can ford water more than 1.6-feet deep.

Talking about off-road performance, the TRAIL can scale rough and rocky terrains easily, as the body architecture of the vehicle provides plenty of agility without coming in contact with the ground. The company claims that it has minimized the overall weight by using a mixture of high-tech steel, carbon fiber and aluminium. In order to meet these requirements, the vehicle is created to reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h on the road. Power is a combined 320 kilowatts and 1,000 Nm of torque.