People born in Northern Ireland are legally British, Belfast court told

'People born in NI remain British citizens', Emma De Souza court hears

'People born in NI remain British citizens', Emma De Souza court hears

Responding to the story a DUP spokesman told the Belfast Telegraph there will be "all sorts of speculation and briefings".

"We want a sensible solution which does not undermine the United Kingdom".

Mr Johnson is thought to be considering trusted trader schemes and electronic pre-authorisation of goods to solve the issue of tariffs on the movement of goods on the island of Ireland between the European Union and the UK.

DUP leader Arlene Foster has criticised a Northern Ireland-only backstop as "anti-democratic and unconstitutional".

Speaking at a joint press conference in Dublin on Monday with Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar, Johnson ostensibly reined in his usual cavalier "do or die" rhetoric on Brexit.

"History teaches us that any deal relating to Northern Ireland which can not command cross community support is doomed to failure".

Officers in Brussels say that to get a Brexit offer done, Johnson may well have to have to go back again to the approach, which entails applying various border guidelines to Northern Eire from the relaxation of the country to enable continue to keep goods flowing throughout the Irish border.

Anyone born in Northern Ireland has the right to identify as Irish or British or both, thanks to the Good Friday Agreement, signed in April 1998 by the British and Irish governments and Northern Ireland's political parties.

"In the context of Northern Ireland, when one is interpreting any piece of legislation one must look at the Belfast Agreement and the provisions of it, and interpret the legislation in a way which is consistent with it", he added.