Ms Monopoly board game sees women players get paid more

Ms. Monopoly celebrates women trailblazers

Ms. Monopoly celebrates women trailblazers

Female players start out with more money than males and receive $240 each time they pass "go", more than the $200 that goes to males.

At the bottom, the slogan reads, "The first game where women make more than men".

Hasbro's latest edition of Monopoly has been given a bit of an upgrade.

The game company Tuesday unveiled Ms. Monopoly, which it calls a "celebration of women entrepreneurs and inventors".

But that's not it.

In an attempt to revive interest In the Monopoly franchise, Hasbro has announced a new Ms. Monopoly version that varies quite a bit from the original Atlantic City real estate game.

So, while you can't get your hands on the likes of Oxford Street or Piccadilly, you can now purchase things like WiFi, chocolate chip cookies, or Stem Cell Isolation. In a further departure from the typical rules, instead of buying properties, players invest in (actual) ideas and inventions developed by women and, instead of buying houses and hotels, players build headquarters for these startups. "Zoom ahead with ride shares, and purchase utilities - such as solar heating - invented by women".

The game's advert also says: "This is the first game where women make more than men, but who you are is up to you. Includes unique tokens that represent Ms. Monopoly's adventurous spirit".

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Thousands of years of male oppression are close to being erased, thanks to a new version of the iconic board game Monopoly. Hasbro also debuted Monopoly for Millennials in 2018, poking fun at stereotypical millennial trends such as avocado toast and veganism.

On the game box, the classic Rich Uncle Pennybags character is replaced by his "niece" Ms. Monopoly, ready to break the glass ceiling with her gray blazer and cup of coffee.