Hong Kong students form human chain to support protests

Protesters waves United States flags and placards during a protest in Hong Kong

Protesters waves United States flags and placards during a protest in Hong Kong

Along with goggles and a gas mask he wore the movement's trademark yellow construction helmet which he had daubed with "Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now" and the dates he had taken to the streets.

Chinese state media has issued a chilling warning to Hong Kong protesters following a mass demonstration outside the territory's USA consulate, at which demonstrators urged President Donald Trump and Congress to provide more support for the ongoing anti-government protests.

Protesters converged at a park in central Hong Kong before marching, chanting "Resist Beijing, Liberate Hong Kong" and "Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom".

Some are carrying banners reading, "President Trump, please save Hong Kong" and "Make Hong Kong great again".

"That's why we need foreign countries to help monitor the situation in Hong Kong, we need them to put pressure on the government".

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on September 5 that United States lawmakers should stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and abandon the bill as the issue was purely China's internal affair.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan warned today that in some areas hotel occupancy levels had dropped by more than half and house prices as much as 70 per cent.

Before departing Hong Kong, Wong tweeted that his overnight detention was "wholly unacceptable and unreasonable".

While some American politicians on both sides of the aisle have expressed support for the democratic goals of the protesters, the Trump administration has maintained a more hands-off approach as it locks horns with China over trade.

Protesters appeared to be undeterred by any risk that their appeal to the U.S. would encourage accusations from Beijing that the protests are fuelled by foreign interference.

Protesters wave US flags and shout slogans as they march from Chater Garden to the US Consulate in Hong Kong Sept. 8 2019
Protesters wave US flags and shout slogans as they march from Chater Garden to the US Consulate in Hong Kong Sept. 8 2019

The bill would have allowed the extradition of people to mainland China to stand trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party. Many saw the extradition bill as a glaring example of the Chinese territory's eroding autonomy since the former British colony was returned to China in 1997.

Officers at a Monday press conference highlighted the disruption to public transportation, stating that Mong Kok subway station had been "under attack" for nine consecutive nights.

The city's crisis-hit government has largely refused to back down over the protests, which have seen millions march, closed the airport and left city streets strewn with bricks and shrouded in tear gas.

He had briefly been detained by Hong Kong authorities before his departure earlier in the day for breaching bail conditions following his arrest in August when he was charged along with other prominent activists with inciting and participating in an unauthorised assembly. The US State Department has warned its citizens in the territory that China has begun a propaganda campaign "falsely accusing" Americans of fomenting the unrest. Beijing denies meddling but says Hong Kong is an internal affair.

Pomerantz and Burgos said the protests are more peaceful than they have been portrayed in media.

"If there's one country that can restrain the Chinese Communist Party, it will be the USA", an elderly demonstrator said.

Just before the rally ended, violence erupted after riot police detained several people and cleared a crowd from the nearby Central subway station.

"Traditionally, these bills targeting specific countries, they are developing countries, with dictators in those countries", said Felix Chung, a pro-Beijing lawmaker who traveled as part of a delegation of Hong Kong lawmakers last month to Montana to meet with congressmen and senators.

Trump alternates between praising Chinese President Xi Jinping as a great leader and casting him as an enemy, while excoriating China for taking advantage of USA businesses.