Here's all the new products Apple announced today

Apple unveils new iPhone 11 models

Apple unveils new iPhone 11 models

The reliable analyst has also indicated that one of the most rumored new features, bilateral wireless charging, won't be coming to the new iPhones after all, as Apple was not happy with the "charging efficiency" of the technology as it went into production.

The iPhone 11 creates a sound field around the device that the company is calling "Spatial Audio", a 3D audio solution that is a first for Apple's iPhones. It'll cost $1,099 for this 6.5-inch iPhone, the same as last year's Max phone. Stays at 6.1 inches, as measured diagonally. The phone will ship September 20.

Following up on the success of the iPhone XR, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 this morning that sports a new aluminum and glass body and two wonderful rear cameras that could make it the most attractive iPhone to most people. A third lens now offers wider angles. Even the new always-on Apple Watch Series 5. The Pro models should also provide more options when it comes to recording 4K video, as demonstrated on stage by video recording app Filmic, which used all three rear cameras to capture three different video feeds simultaneously. The Watch will be available in two new casing materials, ceramic and titanium. The service will be available in over 150 countries starting September 15, and will run customers $4.99 per month.

More details will be announced about the streaming TV of Apple.

Rumours suggest this phone will get a 5.8-inch screen, new A13 processor and bigger battery under the hood. The new tablet's price tag is expected to start at $329.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook hit the stage at the beginning of the event, the stream was at around 800,000 concurrent viewers. The service will launch with nine original shows and movies, with more expected each month.

It'll come with a one-month free trial.

Previous year at this time, Apple introduced three new versions of the iPhone X.

APPLE ARCADE: Video game service with more than 100 games, curated by Apple and exclusive to the service.

2 search engine after Google, it doesn't make sense for Apple to not livestream its event on YouTube, where everyone watches video and expects to find it. Comes out September 19 at $5 a month.

'Instead of paying upfront, a subscription allows you to play any game, ' said App Store manager Ann Thai on stage.