Deaths, illnesses related to vaping cannabis on the rise, health authorities say

US health officials report new vaping deaths repeat warning

US health officials report new vaping deaths repeat warning

U.S. health officials are urging Americans to stop vaping while they investigate at least five deaths and over 450 cases of a serious lung illness which has cropped up in otherwise "healthy young people" who vape in over 33 states. The death marks the fourth such reported, with the first two occurring in OR and IL.

No evidence of infectious diseases has been identified in any of the patients, therefore lung illnesses are likely associated with chemical exposure, the CDC said.

"State officials who were on an informational FDA call [said] they identified a vitamin E oil-derivative in cannabis e-liquids that had been used by people with vaping-related lung illnesses."
In addition, the agency is probing 450 cases of lung illness that may have been caused by e-cigarette use around the country.

IN health officials confirmed on Friday that one adult over 18 there has died of vaping-related 'severe lung injury, ' making that individual the third suspected death from vaping. Risky solvents and flavorings are frequently added to black market vape cartridges and a few additives, including vitamin E oil which is used in edible hemp oil products, appear to be a possible cause.

The FDA said on Friday numerous samples tested by the states or by the agency as part of the investigation contain tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis.

In Minnesota, there have been 17 patients who have been classified as confirmed or probable cases of vaping-associated lung injuries.

The CDC also said they are looking into the lab tests from NY state health officials that showed vitamin E acetate in numerous cannabis e-cigarette cartridges that sickened patients had submitted for testing.

"Health officials in OR said the person who died there had been using a TCH vape pen".

The electronic cigarette market is a burgeoning global industry that includes vaping, and is forecast to expand from less than $10 billion now to over $50 billion by 2025, causing many to consider investing in this trend. Seven of those cases reported vaping THC.

CDC and the FDA encourage the public to submit detailed reports of any unexpected tobacco- or e-cigarette-related health or product issues to the FDA via the online Safety Reporting Portal. A week ago, U.S. officials pegged the number at 215 possible cases in 25 states.

It has been reported that a substance called vitamin E acetate has been identified in numerous marijuana products belonging to those afflicted, including vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from vitamin E. The FDA is now analyzing more than 120 samples collected from all over the country for a wide range of chemicals.