A rare full Harvest Moon expected for this coming Friday the 13th

Magical! There will be a rare Full Moon on Friday the 13th	 	 	 			Full

Magical! There will be a rare Full Moon on Friday the 13th Full"Harvest Moon

A rare harvest moon will show itself Friday and Saturday nights.

However, the Harvest Moon is special in more ways than just being the closest full moon to fall. Those in the central, mountain or pacific time zones will be able to see the full moon before midnight on September 13.

The appearance of a Full Moon on the unlucky date of Friday the 13th only happens once every 20 years.

The name "harvest moon" is an old European term applied to a full moon that rises closest to the beginning of fall, NASA says. Autumn officially begins on September 23 at 3:50 a.m. EDT. It's not Labor Day. The bright light of the moon allows farmers to work a little bit later into the night to bring in their crops before fall sets in.

So if you are in Toronto, you can expect to see the Harvest Moon rise at 7:46 PM on Friday, September 13, just 15 minutes after the sun sets at 7:31 PM. Yet, you can still spot the moon throughout the night.

It's time to get spooky! "Thus, from night to night the Moon moves more horizontally than vertically and thus rises sooner from one night to the next".

September Full Moon: Rare Friday 13th Micro Harvest Moon Will Appear Later This Week

Technically, a full moon occurs at a specific moment.

"Remember last February, when the Full Moon coincided with perigee, its closest point to Earth?"

The Harvest Moon will also peak during a so-called Micromoon when the lunar orb appears up to 14 percent smaller.

You won't want to miss this Micro Harvest Moon.

Unless cloud cover blocks the view, the full moon is the easiest celestial event to observe. That's due to the location of the moon near the horizon.