Robert Camou Charged With The Murder Of Girlfriend Amanda Custer | Crime Time

Facebook page in March 2019. Robert Camou is shown in

Facebook page in March 2019. Robert Camou is shown in

Michael Moore, 64, told the Los Angeles Times he recognized Camou from news footage and seeing him in handcuffs. Yet, on July 29, Custer's boyfriend, Robert Anthony Camou, visited a bar in downtown Los Angeles and came across a few aspiring rappers who were engaged in cipher.

A California man who allegedly was captured on video rapping about killing his girlfriend just after she disappeared has now been charged with her murder.

In a video clip of the moment Camou grabbed the mic, the seemingly drunk 27-year-old reportedly introduced himself to the crowd as a "gangster in the house".

Extensive search efforts have been deployed to try and locate Amanda Kathleen Custer, 31, who is originally from Bakersfield, was last seen in the 600 block of Vaquero Road in Monrovia.

"At first it was like, did he say that?" "The cops trying to look for me and I'm f--king trying to shut my mouth".

Prosecutors allege Camou killed Custer on or about July 29 - while out on bail for the attack in April. "He said that. And he said it with such force", Moore recalled. He then went on to say, "I killed my b*tch and buried that b*tch in the f*cking dirt", adding that the police were looking for him. Witnesses reported seeing him put Custer's "lifeless" body in the back of his Prius that same night. He was accused April 22 of battering his girlfriend, strangling her and threatening her with a Taser, the release said, citing the prosecutor.

Camou was arrested after that incident and charged with first-degree burglary, injuring a girlfriend, assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, and a misdemeanor count of battery, CBS LA reports.

The Sheriff's department spokesperson Lieutenant Scott Hoglund said that reports from police and the courts suggest that Camou and Custer's relationship had been plagued by allegations of violence. Inside Camou's vehicle, authorities found digging tools and traces of blood, however, the search for Custer's body is ongoing.

Investigators believe Custer was taken against her will by Camou from the home they shared in Monrovia.

If convicted, Camou faces the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole.