Net immigration to UK falls to lowest since Dec 2013 - ONS

Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Steve Barclay said it will free up UK ministers

Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Steve Barclay said it will free up UK ministers

Another 63,000 have expressed interest in the October 31 party at Wijk aan Zee, 19 miles northwest of Amsterdam.

Companies in Britain will be automatically enrolled in an important customs system to trade post-Brexit, British Chancellor Sajid Javid announced on Wednesday. More workers from EU8 countries - those from the Central and Eastern European countries who joined the EU in 2004 - left the United Kingdom than arrived.

"This will free up time for ministers and their officials to get on with preparing for our departure on October 31 and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead", he said. Overnight, small business exporters will have to contend with growth sapping tariffs and time consuming customs declarations.

Talks over avoiding a no-deal Brexit remain firmly stuck on the issue of the Irish backstop - an insurance policy to keep the open border between British-run Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland open under all circumstances after Brexit.

A fund of £2.1billion was allocated for government departments last month to prepare for no deal, doubling Brexit funding for the year.

The ONS also admitted non-EU migration figures were over-estimated.

"Small business need an Emergency Budget before 31 October with across the board measures to boost cash flow and help small business prepare, and adapt, to any new trading circumstances from 1 November".

As part of that cash injection, border and customs operations will receive an addition £344 million in order to be ready for Brexit.

Information is also available for non VAT-registered companies who need to register for an EORI number on the HMRC website.

Thursday's warning comes two weeks after Dublin offered businesses up to 60,000 euros each to train staff on filing customs returns, because the government will not have enough customs agents to help them file returns if Britain crashes out without a transition agreement.

They will also need to decide whether to apply for Transitional Simplified Procedures to make it easier to import goods from the European Union, with information available on the HMRC website.

The institute said: 'Regardless of whether businesses automatically or voluntarily enrol with an EORI number, there is a pressing need for businesses to learn and do training in vital export skills - including completing customs declarations, working with customs agents, weighing their goods for shipment and mitigating risks of delays at the border during what could be a hard period for the UK's ports'.