Another 42 cannabis stores coming to Ontario

Finished buds sit in a tray at the Cann Trust Holdings Inc. cannabis production facility in Fenwick Ont.							Galit Rodan  Bloomberg

Finished buds sit in a tray at the Cann Trust Holdings Inc. cannabis production facility in Fenwick Ont. Galit Rodan Bloomberg

A Windsor businessman has been chosen by lottery to begin the process of applying for a legal cannabis retail licence, for the objective of opening a brick-and-mortar cannabis retailer in the downtown core.

The list, posted on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's website, names Patricia, Gertrude, Donnelly as the applicant for the Kitchener location.

Results of the second cannabis store lottery were announced on Wednesday and a victor in Sault Ste.

Another eight stores will be located on First Nations reserves, but they are being approved through a separate process.

That unwanted activity includes loitering and panhandling, he said. "I just assumed theyre all downtown".

"Don't like the smell of it, don't like it being smoked around me, said Rushton". It'll bring a lot of people to the core.

Those selected will have until August 28 to pay licensing fees, and provide a letter of credit for $50,000 to the regulator.

An address associated with an illegal cannabis dispensary that continually defied the law by reopening after a series of raids by police and city bylaw officers was one of the winners in the province's second cannabis store lottery.

Companies and individuals who met pre-qualification requirements joined Tuesday's draw for a chance to apply for one store.

Those included proving that they can obtain $250,000 in cash or cash equivalents, confirmation from a bank, credit union or caisse populaire that they can get a Standby Letter of Credit for $50,000 within five business days, proof of having secured retail space that available to operate a cannabis retail store out of by October 2019. According to a friend of the family, Cacciavillani's father is Cole Cacciavillani one of the founders of Leamington-based licensed producer Aphria, who is no longer with the company but remains a large shareholder.

"The AGCO has notified the following 42 selected applicants that they may now apply for a cannabis Retail Operator Licence and a Retail Store Authorization", says the release.

Toronto was allotted another 13 stores, the most of any region. Another six went to the Greater Toronto Area region, which is categorized separately.

Here is the North Bay waitlist, those that were selected in the lottery and the first five applicants drawn on the Wait List for this region. No Windsor applicants were chosen in the first round.