Microsoft’s SMS Organizer will declutter your texts

Microsoft SMS Organizer

Microsoft SMS Organizer

Microsoft's aspirations of creating and selling smartphones may have collapsed but its association with smartphones has not ended.

SMS Organizer can send and receive text messages, but it's designed for use cases that don't exist in all countries. After racking up more than a million downloads, the app has expanded globally.

Microsoft's had an Android app called SMS Organizer in India for a little while now. This app automatically organizes your SMS inbox, sets reminders, keeps track of your expenses and more. Similar to Apple's iMessage, the app detects events such as flights or trains. Additionally, there's an Offers tab which shows available discount offers and coupons codes for food delivery, hotel bookings, travels, movies etc.

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You can backup and restore text messages on Google Drive, which is likely to be handy for clearing up storage space or if you ever lose your phone. There's one caveat - the app only supports SMS messages and not MMS messages. It launched SMS Organizer a while back in India.

According to this Reddit post, SMS Organizer app is now available for Android users in other countries as well. It does not seem to be working in the rest of Europe at the time of writing this article but you may feel free to comment with your region if you can use it.

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