Johnson tells European Union he wants Brexit deal but without backstop

Boris Johnson will visit European capitals this week on his first overseas trip as British leader.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Monday he would oppose any post-Brexit trade deal between the United States and Britain if it undermined the Good Friday agreement, which helped end three decades of violence in Northern Ireland.

Johnson's Downing Street office confirmed he will travel to Berlin on Wednesday for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and to Paris on Thursday to meet French President Emmanuel Macron.

Johnson is expected to push for fresh talks over the terms of Brexit or warn that the European Union faces Britain crashing out of the bloc on October 31.

The Sunday Times published what it said were confidential government memos outlining the consequences of tearing up May's deal, warning that a sudden British exit could lead to a decrease in the supply of fresh food.

The EU insists it will not reopen the 585-page withdrawal agreement it spent two years negotiating with May's government.

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He said Johnson must not be allowed to use parliamentary procedure to block discussion of the country's future, referring to concerns that Johnson could suspend the legislature until after October 31 or delay a national election even if his government fell before that date.

The moves come as Johnson faces increasing pressure to immediately recall MPs from their summer holidays so that parliament can debate Brexit. Johnson's ministers played down the leaked no-deal assessment on Sunday, saying the document was old and did not reflect the increased funding and planning that the prime minister has undertaken since he took office last month.

"We do support the recall of parliament in order to prevent the prime minister having some kind of manoeuvre to take us out on the 31st of October without any further discussion in parliament", Corbyn said.

This includes calling a no-confidence vote in Johnson's government and, if it succeeds, fighting the general election with a pledge to hold a second public vote on Brexit, Corbyn said in a speech in Northamptonshire.

More than 100 lawmakers, who are not due to return until September 3, have demanded in a letter that he reconvene the 650-seat House of Commons and let them sit permanently until October 31.

"What we need is a government that is prepared to negotiate with the European Union so we don't have a crash-out on the 31st", Corbyn said Saturday.

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