Beyond Kneeling? Celebrities Who Support Jay-Z Partnering With The NFL



The Atlantic's Jemele Hill reported Colin Kaepernick's talk with Jay-Z about the deal "was not a good conversation."

Stills isn't so sure the Jay-Z partnership represents progress, and says he didn't respect the rapper's comments about the deal. Y'all hating on Jay-Z for tryna own something in the NFL.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills does not agree with Jay-Z's decision to partner with the NFL on some of the league's entertainment and social justice endeavors.

"Some of the ways he answered his questions, talking about 'we're moving past kneeling, ' like he ever protested". "Choosing to speak for the people like he had spoken to the people".

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color", he said. "I wonder if he's read my Facebook comments or my Instagram comments or some of the things that people say to me". We'll see. I think he has a very small window with an ownership position to make a move to get Colin on whatever team he's on.

"If Jay-Z is going to be an owner, is Colin going to be signed the day he becomes an owner of a team?" "I feel like he went in there like, 'All right, if you guys want me to work with y'all, y'all need to put my people in here". You know, he settled, so let it go.

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Earlier this month, Stills criticized Ross for managing a fundraiser for Trump, saying it was at odds with Ross' RISE initiative for equality.

"Now he's made a partnership with the National Football League", the Carolina Panthers player scoffed, "apparently is going to be a part-owner of a team in the National Football League and is trying to smooth it over with the black community by wrapping it in social justice".

The Jay-Z saga will continue to generate interest. His business acumen has been celebrated for decades.

While the man who started it all is still forced to play a full-time social justice activist rather than his former role as a mediocre quarterback in the league, Carolina Panthers' safety Eric Reid is keeping the anthem protest tradition going on the sidelines - and condemning anyone he perceives as undermning Colin Kaepernick.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills kneels during the national anthem before the team's preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons on August 8.

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