Shale Gas Firm Cuadrilla Resumes Fracking In The UK

Govt allows fracking to resume on same day research says it’s major source of greenhouse gas emissions & Thunberg sails across ocean

Govt allows fracking to resume on same day research says it’s major source of greenhouse gas emissions & Thunberg sails across ocean

Shale gas supporters claim it could bring an economic boom to Lancashire if successful.

Ministers claimed the technology could "support the UK's transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions", despite claims by environmental campaigners that fracking "just isn't part of the future if we are serious about avoiding climate breakdown".

The department announced the shift in a statement about United Kingdom shale gas on the same day that the fracking firm Cuadrilla resumed drilling in Lancashire.

UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) welcomed the news, with Chief Executive Ken Cronin adding: "The operations begin as the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy reiterate their support for shale gas exploration in the UK, an industry that will see new jobs, tax revenues and supply chain income, benefitting both the communities that host development and our national economy".

Environmental groups have voiced fears that the government is preparing to row back on fracking regulations after officials said they were considering reviewing natural disaster safeguard rules.

Strict regulations on fracking, aimed at stopping it causing earthquakes, could be relaxed following a Government review.

Carey-Dawes added: "A decision to relax seismicity regulations would further undermine public confidence and come with significant environmental risks".

'The Oil and Gas Authority is now undertaking a scientific assessment of recent industry data which we will consider once completed'.

Jamie Peters, campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: "Companies like Cuadrilla are turning a blind eye to the climate crisis and have been lobbying for quake safety limits to be relaxed".

Energy firm Cuadrilla has resumed fracking at its site in Lancashire, it has confirmed.

However, campaign group Friends of the Earth is calling on the government to ban fracking and support renewable energy.

He also warned that with several fracking applications lodged by energy firms in marginal constituencies within the Peak District, the issue would become a hot potato in the event of an early election.

'We have world-leading regulations that ensure shale gas exploration happens in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

He said: "There are 40 seats with very tight majorities that are swingable to whichever party takes an anti-fracking stance".