Dead Island 2 Is Officially on its Third Developer

THQ Nordic x Goodbye Kansas Game Invest

THQ Nordic x Goodbye Kansas Game Invest

Secondly, Volition is in "deep in development" of the latest Saints Row game in the series. There is also information about Dead Island 2, which is now being developed by Dambuster Studios.

THQ Nordic has acquired Milestone S.r.l. through its indirectly wholly owned subsidiary Koch Media, the company announced.

In addition, THQ Nordic also bought Gunfire Games, which is known for Darksiders 3. It also suggests that two of these unrevealed games are "major triple-A releases", and they are set to release sometime "during the next financial year ending March 31, 2021". Dead Island 2 was originally being developed by Yager Development, the developers behind the cult classic Spec Ops: The Line. Fishlabs is working on a new IP, as well as a number of unannounced projects.

It will be interesting to see where THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games take their continued partnership and we are definitely excited to see what comes next for the publisher and the studio.

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The first quarter report, focused on April-June 2019, explains that THQ Nordic - along with Deep Silver and Coffee Stain - achieved a 33% year-on-year sales growth, with a total net sales figure of SEK 641 million (about $67 million).

In a recent press release, THQ Nordic revealed that the company has hired Steve Ellis, one of the original series' creators, "to help plot the future course for this franchise". Are you surprised that TimeSplitters is going to make a return? It's surprising to think it's been 6 years since the cyberspace superhero antics of Saints Row 4 (the less said about spin-off Agents of Mayhem the better, really), but Volition is back at work on another mainline entry.

In both cases, the acquisition includes the development studios and all their intellectual IP rights.

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