Draymond Green finally opens up about Kevin Durant's departure

D'Angelo Russell Steve Kerr Warriors

D'Angelo Russell Steve Kerr Warriors

"I actually talked to K (Kevin Durant) yesterday", Green said to ESPN's Rachel Nichols.

Sportsbooks are still listing the Warriors as favorites to reach the post-season, but their odds are much slimmer than previous seasons, thanks to Kevin Durant's departure, Klay Thompson's injury, and the additions made by several Western Conference contenders.

Golden State Warriors lost this year's National Basketball Association final to the Raptors and to make it worse Kevin Durant has also left the team. Draymond Green, a Defensive Player of the Year. And some of the stuff that Klay [Thompson's] been texting me this summer, I'm positive he misses the chip.

"I like it. You know, being the underdog, it's been a while since we've been the underdog".

As Durant takes a red-shirt year in Brooklyn while recovering from a torn Achilles, Green's Warriors are going to look a lot different.

Green was a second round pick back in the 2012 NBA Draft.

"It just tells you that there was a method to that madness", Green told Nichols.

"You know, so many times you hear somebody say, 'Oh, man, that guy didn't tell me this.' He don't owe it to me to tell me before he tells everybody else". There's proof in the pudding now that you were wrong.

Both players claim that it has been, but that didn't mean Durant was about to tip off Green as to where he was planning on playing this season.

He said he enjoys the validation "just a tad".

Lue was sacked after Cleveland lost the first six games last season. Golden State has the sixth-best odds to take home the title, according to the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

He was a candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers' coaching gig earlier in the offseason before that club eventually hired Frank Vogel.