Asteroid bigger than Empire State and Giza pyramid to pass by Earth

Further observations helped the team nail down which object was the asteroid in question, and the scientists were able to track its position and orbit with enough accuracy to definitively rule it out as a potential impactor... for the next 100 years, at least. On August 17 at 7:16 pm, an asteroid 2018 PN22 will be passing by the planet. Although these are a possibility that might change the trajectory of the asteroid, it is still not confirmed that the asteroid will hit Earth. It is considered as a potentially hazardous object as it is bigger than 460 ft in size but that does not necessarily mean it is going to collide with Earth. Dangerous Asteroids to Hit the Earth Could Wipeout our Existence. An asteroid needs to arrive at the intersection point with Earth's orbit at the very same time Earth is crossing that point for an impact to occur. Named 1998 OR2, NASA is now monitoring the deadly asteroid that might impact the Earth next year in April. During its approach, the asteroid will only be about 0.02245 astronomical units or roughly 2 million miles from the Earth's center. World Asteroid Day 2019: History, Interesting Facts and Significance of the Global Event Celebrated on June 30.

Every year there are dozens of asteroids that flyby the Earth and its atmosphere but not all are noticed. Based on what they knew at the time, researchers couldn't rule out the chance that it might impact Earth in the near future, and perhaps even as soon as 2019. Last month, on July 24, three massive asteroids passed by the Earth's surface much closer than that of our satellite, moon.

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When scientists lost track of the 100-foot-wide asteroid in late 2006 nobody really knew how big of a danger it might pose to Earth.

Despite the safe distance between the Earth and the asteroid, a collision between these two can still happen due to certain factors in space such as the Yarkovsky effect.

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