YouTube Takes Down Cuomo ‘Fredo’ Video for ‘Harassment’, Restores After Trump Complaints

Chris Cuomo in April. Cuomo a CNN anchor appears in a video shared on social media in which he gets into an altercation with a man who called him

Chris Cuomo in April. Cuomo a CNN anchor appears in a video shared on social media in which he gets into an altercation with a man who called him"Fredo

Cuomo confronted the heckler after he called the anchor "Fredo", a reference to the hapless character of Fredo Corleone in the 1972 film "The Godfather".

The New York Post said Cuomo was interviewed by Curtis Sliwa on radio in January 2010 regarding if his brother Andrew might seek the Democratic nomination for governor.

The confrontation went viral after it was first shared by the conservative social media account "THAT'S THE POINT with Brandon".

Meanwhile, Cuomo issued the following on Twitter earlier today.

Cuomo, who hosts "Prime Time" weeknights on CNN, said he's on vacation this week after celebrating his 49th birthday and will return on Monday.

President Trump, 73, and his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

"I thought Chris was Fredo also", Trump tweeted. He also added that Cuomo "totally lost it" and worked in a "low ratings CNN" jab. Warning: Video includes expletives.

Huh. When Hannity is on your side, you really need to evaluate... Yes, but, being called Fredo by this man was most definitely being called stupid and not in whatever way that Chris Cuomo took it.

The video begins after the exchange had already escalated into anger.

Seconds after observing that Cuomo did not commit violence during the altercation, Trump again insisted "But I think Chris Cuomo was very much out of control actually".

It should be pointed out that the person filming the video was either the man who called Cuomo "Fredo" or someone in his group.

The president then paraphrased his earlier assertions, saying "I don't know why anybody would defend him, but, Chris Cuomo was out of control, I watched it I thought it was awful". In "The Godfather", Fredo is seen as the less intelligent younger brother, cowardly and incompetent in the powerful family's business but desperate for respect from his father. "He was that weak brother". "'Fredo" was from "The Godfather.' He was a weak brother and they use that as an Italian slur-are any of you Italian?"

On Monday night CNN stood by the anchor.

"Take a swing. No, no, come on boy". "It's a f-ing insult to your people, an insult to your f-ing people".

Cuomo compared the word to the n-word for Italians and asked, "Is that a cool f***ing thing?"

The man says he thought Cuomo's name was Fredo, leading Cuomo to threaten him.

"I'll f***ing ruin your s**t", Cuomo replied.

They get in each other's face for another minute, just about to fight. However, that innocuous piece of flattery does little to placate the anchor, who says: "If you want to play, we'll f*cking play" and goes on with his rant peppered with profanities.

Limbaugh said he is responsible because he had dubbed Cuomo "Fredo" in previous monologues, but the "Drive-By Media" doesn't even realize that because they don't listen to him.

CNN spokesperson Matt Dornic responded, claiming "Fredo" was an "ethnic slur".

Chris Cuomo is getting support from CNN and his Fox News rival Sean Hannity after Cuomo erupted on a man heckling him at a Shelter Island, N.Y., bar on Sunday.