Nike Announces New Sneaker Subscription Service for Kids

Nike Adventure Club

Nike Adventure Club

Nike on Monday introduced its first footwear subscription service for children. The options will cost either $20, $30, or $50 per month, respectively.

Nike said there are more than 100 varieties of shoes to choose from on the Adventure Club website, including Converse sneakers. "But an equally important question is, 'What kind of experience are we providing for their parents?' We want to make shopping for footwear as convenient as possible for them". Each pair of shoes works out to between $50 and $60 a pair-which puts the service on higher end of the kids' sneaker market (though Nike's kids' sneakers themselves vary considerably in price from $40 to $100, so numerous shoes within this program may actually be cheaper than buying directly from the store).

Aimed at the US kids shoe market, estimated at an annual $10-billion, "Adventure Club" builds on Nike's SNKRS app, which notifies shoppers every time it launches a new shoe or has an exclusive sneaker at a nearby store. If you consider sneakers for children typically retail for $60, subscribers can save about $10 a pair. You're free to upgrade, downgrade or pause your subscription at any time.

Similar to other recent initiatives - like Nike Fit - the Adventure Club was birthed out of a recent partnership the brand sealed with kids sneakers subscription start up Easy Kicks in 2017.

"Nike Adventure Club was created by busy parents for busy parents", said Shortell. If you're ready to replace it, send it back and Adventure Club will send the next pair of your choosing.

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If you like the shoe, you can keep the pair. "It provides a wide range of options for kids, while at the same time, it removes a friction point for parents who are shopping on their behalf".

Nike the latest brand to wade into the growing subscription service market.

In addition to a pair of shoes, the subscription box will come with adventure guides that contain outdoor games and activities that parents can do with their kids.

As part of the project, Nike is partnering with non-profit KaBoom to build one new playground a year in underserved community neighborhoods near its stores.

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