Microsoft's next Xbox will focus on nippy frame rates and loading times

Xbox mobile

Xbox mobile

Spencer then outlined that Microsoft hope to achieve this by ensuring that the games load incredibly fast and run at the highest frame rate possible. But playability is probably the bigger focus for us this generation. Not every game should be mandated for 4K performance (Microsoft would be foolish to mandate resolution, as not every dev can handle that kind of load) but the games that do play in 4K may all hit 4K 60FPS. Do I feel like I can get into the game as fast as possible and while it's playing? It's a potentially lucrative thing to do, as Microsoft's Phil Spencer has said Microsoft is in fact one of the biggest publishers on PlayStation thanks to Minecraft.

Project Scarlett promises to be an important upgrade for Microsoft and for the broader gaming business.

Additionally, the team is shooting for full backward compatibility. They also want to ensure compatibility with earlier versions, as it's four generations of content that can't be ignored.

While many brilliant games have been rescued from their exclusive releases on doomed systems through ports, there are sadly still countless classics locked away on consoles you either need to buy from eBay or settle for emulating. If you have spent $100 on a controller that you love, Spencer says that they want to make sure you can still use it. For the moment, though, it sounds like it's going to be a solid next-generation console.

There's still a long way to go before Project Scarlett is here, as Microsoft isn't planning to launch it until late 2020. If the game does measure up to its potential, any players looking for more of it may be convinced to invest in an Xbox One, or more likely, the upcoming Project Scarlett. Spencer discussed a number of other topics in our interview, including Microsoft's cloud gaming initiative, xCloud; the company's E3 2019 presentation; and the state of competition between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Not all of the tricks have been revealed yet, but devs are already able to deliver up to 40x more perf than original Xbox One consoles. For more inside looks at Spencer and his thoughts on the past, present, and future of Xbox, check out all our coverage in the stories linked below.