Washington Monument-Sized Asteroid Will Zoom By Earth on August 28

NASA  JPL-Caltech

NASA JPL-Caltech

Earth had a close call with an asteroid last Saturday when a massive space rock approached the planet.

It comes as an asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower, dubbed 2006 QQ23, which is travelling at a speed of 10,400mph, hurtled near past the Earth over the weekend.

An expert at the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand chose to speak up to reduce the panic surrounding the Asteroid 2006 QQ23, which is double the height of Baiyoke II Tower in Bangkok, would have hit Planet Earth on Saturday. According to the agency, these kinds of asteroids are capable of approaching Earth at a very risky distance.

Following Earth's near-collision with an asteroid during the weekend, a scientist warned that an impact event is inevitable. However, NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office team told the CNN there is nothing to fear as it is medium size asteroid almost five million miles away. It will zoom past the Earth at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour (16,740 km/h) and has been classified as a near-Earth asteroid, according to online portal Space. Although it is not yet clear when it will occur, the scientist said that an asteroid hitting Earth will surely happen.

There are virtually 20,000 asteroids close to the Earth, and so they sometimes make an look to the Earth. Even more, the distance labels it as potentially hazardous. During this time, the asteroid flew at a distance of 0.10267 astronomical units or roughly 9.5 million miles from the planet. Its diameter is 570-meters.

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