This is What Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Used to Kill Himself

US Attorney General Bill Barr said he was

US Attorney General Bill Barr said he was

"If no one is watching the screen, then the camera is useless". An additional federal investigation was launched Saturday after the Federal Bureau of Prison said Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell at a high-security jail in Manhattan.

After a previous attempt to take his own life, Epstein was placed on suicide watch, but was later removed from suicide watch at the request of his attorney. He was in a cell by himself when his body was found.

"I was appalled, and indeed the whole department was, and frankly angry to learn of the MCC's failure to adequately secure this prisoner", Barr said at a police conference in New Orleans. "However, it is imperative that the Committee on the Judiciary, which has the responsibility to exercise oversight over the Department of Justice, receive responses to these questions related to the adequacy of BOP's suicide prevention policies and their implementation in this instance, as soon as possible".

Other politicians also took to social media to question the circumstances.

Corrections officers at New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center had been forced to work overtime to make up for staffing shortages, according to United States media.

Epstein was arrested on July 6 in New Jersey after his private jet landed on a flight from Paris.

Justice Department officials said they expected Epstein would have a cellmate and that guards would monitor them every 30 minutes.

Joining those demanding accountability is Sen.

On Monday, two French government ministers also called for an investigation into Epstein, saying a USA probe into the accused child sex trafficker had revealed links between Epstein and France. U.S. Labour Secretary Alexander Acosta resigned last month after coming under fire for overseeing that deal when he was U.S. attorney in Miami. "The FBI and the Office of the Inspector General are doing just that". His abrupt death cuts short a criminal prosecution that could have pulled back the curtain on the inner workings of the high-flying financier with connections to celebrities and presidents, though prosecutors have vowed to continue investigating.

Epstein was recently denied bail while awaiting trial on charges involving one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors.

Even so, federal authorities are turning their sights on people who allegedly helped him maintain a years-long pattern of luring underage girls into abuse. They called on federal authorities to investigate associates of Epstein for any role in his activities.

Sigrid McCawley, an attorney representing one accuser, said in a statement that "the reckoning of accountability begun by the voices of courageous and truthful victims should not end" with Epstein's death.

Although Clinton traveled several times on Epstein's plane, the former president said he never visited the Caribbean island where the billionaire and friends reportedly assaulted minors.

Brad Edwards, a Florida lawyer for almost two dozen other accusers, said that "this is not the ending anyone was looking for".

Epstein's death came a day after a court released documents in which one of his alleged victims said she was forced to have sex with Britain's Prince Andrew and some well-known American political and business personalities.