Thai racer Albon trades places with Gasly on Red Bull F1 team

Lewis Hamilton suggests Red Bull could replace Pierre Gasly with Fernando Alonso

Lewis Hamilton suggests Red Bull could replace Pierre Gasly with Fernando Alonso

After setting a new record for fastest pit stop in the history of F1 at during the British Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing team outdid themselves at the next race at the German Grand Prix, completing the replacement of all four tires in an incredible 1.88 seconds.

Gasly has struggled against team-mate Max Verstappen in his first year with Red Bull after his own promotion from Toro Rosso at the end of the '18 season as Daniel Ricciardo's successor.

"Although the Red Bull is a significantly faster auto than ours, and it will be hard, we will not stop trying", he added.

"It has been a frustrating weekend for Pierre", said Horner.

"The start wasn't great, the first lap wasn't great and we shouldn't be racing Saubers (the Alfa Romeo cars) and McLarens", he said.

"It is great, races like [Hungary], even though we didn't come out on top, for F1 that is what fans want to see".

Gasly's absence from the lead pack meant Verstappen had no safety net against Hamilton, who was effectively able to make a free second pitstop for fresh tyres that allowed him to overhaul the leading Red Bull for victory.

Horner said to "Lewis has close to a three-race advantage with nine races to go, so he would have to not turn up for three races".

"Both Mercedes and Red Bull had one-legged races with their team-mates out of contention".

"I think that the regulations change over the winter definitely did hurt us with the way we worked the front wing", added Horner.

"And as we get more performance on the vehicle as Honda continues to make progress, this is very much a building year as we transition into 2020".

"It is vital for us if we are to stand any chance of catching Ferrari that we have him finishing further ahead".

Christian Horner says that Mercedes would have to "f**k up" on a large scale for there to be any chance of Red Bull challenging for the world championship.

"But we desperately need to see him realising more of the potential of the auto".