Android users can log into some Google services using their fingerprint

Logging into some Google services on Android is now as easy as unlocking your phone

Logging into some Google services on Android is now as easy as unlocking your phone

Google announced todaythat starting with the Pixel handsets, you can verify your identity with some Google services on the web by using your fingerprints or a screen lock instead of a password.

At the time of writing, it was unclear which Google services could be used with this new password-less login method, with the only example provided in the blog post now being for the company's online Password Manager.

The technology works by using FIDO 2.0, a new login standard the tech industry has been starting to adopt. Users will now be able verify their identity through the screen unlock function via their Android devices.

As demonstrated in the GIF, using your fingerprint to access your account information is as easy as selecting the "use your lock screen" option and then scanning your fingerprint when the prompt appears on your screen. It's still secure, there's an implied lineage of authentication history (associated devices are "Bootstrapped" as Google calls it), it's just a whole lot more convenient than typing your password. While Google has not overtly said that this feature will be rolling out to website that use Log in with Google we sure hope that that is on their road map. The sensitive data is stored on board your device in an isolated area of the phone's processor.

Your fingerprint (PIN number, pattern or password) is really just tied to a unique private key also stored on your device, which performs the account unlocking process. Glad you asked. You won't have to worry about having to remember a password when signing onto certain Google services sites on the web. Google says that it plans to bring the alternate verification feature to more services in the future - the functionality already has a dedicated Help page, which backs that claim up. For now, it's arriving to Google Pixel products.