Nora Quoirin: Police set up new hotline to locate her

Quoirin from a recent holiday as shared by her family. — Courtesy of The Lucie Blackman Trust

Quoirin from a recent holiday as shared by her family. — Courtesy of The Lucie Blackman Trust

The short video shared by the police yesterday morning, showed Nora's mother, Meabh Jaseprine Quoirin who was accompanied by her husband, Sebastian Marie Philipe, making a brief statement.

Nora, who has learning and developmental disabilities, disappeared six days ago from an eco-resort in Malaysia where she was on holiday with her parents.

She has an Irish passport and hasn't been seen since Sunday.

She finished with the Malay for thank you: "And thank you so much and terima kasih".

Nora Anne arrived at the resort with her parents from London on Aug 3 for a two-week vacation.

A week has since passed after she was reported missing, with the case receiving media attention following an alert from the Lucie Blackman Trust, a charity which works with British nationals facing crises overseas.

Nora's father, a data analysis salesman, met the deputy inspector general of Malaysia's police force yesterday, who offered his support.

Nora, 15, went missing while on a holiday with her family in Malaysia.

Holding back tears, Irish-born Meabh said: "We want to say thank you to each and every one of you".

Police are still convinced she wandered into the jungle of her own accord, but have admitted they are exploring the possibility of an abduction, and today confirmed they are tracing phone and email records of staff in the resort the Quoirin family were staying.

Currently, the SAR team is focused at the area around the resort which is located in the foothills of the Titiwangsa mountains, next to a forest reserve.

Officials narrowed the search area over the weekend as they believe that the teen can not have strayed far from the resort, and have also been playing a recording of her mother's voice through megaphones.

According to the police, the forensics team is still trying to establish if fingerprint samples found on the window belong to a criminal or an outsider. We don't know how long she can survive.

"We see you working so hard and also praying with us and being with us".

They indicated that the police canine unit would have detected her scent if she had fainted or anything untoward happened while she was lost.

They also spoke of her loving, affectionate nature.

He added that there were "no tracks of her for now, and no leads that can be used".