MPs forecast to run out of time to stop no-deal Brexit

MPs forecast to run out of time to stop no-deal Brexit

MPs forecast to run out of time to stop no-deal Brexit

The poll by Opinium published on Saturday revealed that a no-deal Brexit had a 17-point lead over the next most popular option, cancelling Brexit.

The likelihood of a no-deal Brexit has increased significantly since Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, with Ireland's Minister for Fiance Paschal Donohoe recently saying that it is a "very credible and material risk now".

It also notes Mr Johnson is under no legal requirement to hold further "meaningful votes", and any opposition day debates or backbench motions opposing a no-deal Brexit lack "legal teeth".

The advisers received an email on Thursday from Boris Johnson's chief of staff Edward Lister saying that they can not take any holiday until after the date that Britain is due to leave the European Union due to "serious work to be done", it was reported yesterday.

Adam Drummond, head of policy at Opinium, said: "Johnson's strategy of uniting the Leave vote appears to still be paying off and the message discipline of "leave by the 31st do or die" has had some effect with an increasing number of voters believing the United Kingdom will leave by that date".

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In the end, the report suggested, the greatest constraint on Mr Johnson may be the political pressures involved in defying the will of the Commons.

Earlier this week, former supreme court judge Lord Sumption stated that MPs could only prevent a no-deal Brexit and general election by tabling a confidence vote in Mr Johnson and successfully forming a new government in the 14 days before an election would be automatically triggered.

The announcement came as the impending Brexit- a cause championed by Johnson - will see much European Union research funding cut off and place the immigration status of many European researchers at risk.

Earlier this month, the Sunday Telegraph said Dominic Cummings, Johnson's senior adviser, had told ministers that the prime minister could schedule a new election after the October 31 Brexit deadline if he lost a vote of no confidence.

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