Field of Dreams to Become a Reality in August 2020

White Sox and Yankees to honor iconic baseball movie

White Sox and Yankees to honor iconic baseball movie

If you build it, they will come - "they" being the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox.

In a new ad for next year's game, Yankees star Aaron Judge jogs onto a cornfield like the one in the movie and mimics the film's iconic line, "Is this heaven?" as Costner's character in the movie responds, "No, it's Iowa".

The "Field of Dreams" game will technically not be played on the original field from the 1989 film, as Major League Baseball intends to build a new 8,000-seat stadium due to the lack of seating and the dimensions at the original.

The game, which will be played on a Thursday and air on Fox, will be considered a White Sox home date. Later this month, Major League Baseball will begin construction on a temporary 8,000-seat ballpark on the Dyersville site. 'We all are looking onwards to celebrate the enduring message of the film of how baseball brings the public together at this particular cornfield in Iowa'.

In the 1989 film, Costner portrayed Ray Kinsella, who dreamed up the ghosts from the 1919 White Sox team, who were banned from baseball for intentionally losing in the World Series. "The filmmakers tell a attractive story that resonates to this day", White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said.

A quick note, and I know many of you already know. next season the Yankees will be playing the White Sox at Field of Dreams.

Major League Baseball will be building a temporary, 8,000-seat stadium where the 1989 movie was filmed.

For the night of August 13, 2020, the game is slated, 3 decades after Field of Dreams debuted in the year 1989.

Hal Steinbrenner, Managing General Partner of the New York Yankees, said: "The Yankees organization is proud to participate in such a unique celebration of baseball. I look forward to this historic event in 2020". "Field of Dreams captures the pure essence of baseball, and it continues to bring generations of fans - and families - together to embrace its timeless roots".

Want your voice heard? The game will count as part of the regular season - starting a three-game series between the Yankees and White Sox.