National Basketball Association prioritizing mental health program, adding licensed psychiatrists, report says

David Liam Kyle  NBAE via Getty Images

David Liam Kyle NBAE via Getty Images

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The NBA is doing what it can to ensure its players are staying healthy mentally.

The NBA announced an expanded set of mental health policies for 2019-20 on Wednesday, according to The Athletic's Sam Amick.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love is very happy with the recent developments in the National Basketball Association, particularly the league's new mental health guidelines for the upcoming season. The alterations come as an increasing amount of players have spoken up about the issue and its impact on the sport.

As for the league's changes going forward, which will affect all teams, including the Boston Celtics, they are mandating the hiring of a psychiatrist and a mental health professional for each team. Each professional must have "experience in assessing and treating clinical mental health issues".

The league will reportedly require teams to have a written action plan for mental health emergencies.

All 30 teams need to attend a "health and wellness meeting" in Chicago in September. Making these guidelines will definitely help the league not only take better care of their players but also become yet another medium that will spread awareness to everyone - including the fans.

- Put in place procedures for communicating to players and team staff the team's practices with respect to privacy and confidentiality.

This is yet another example of commissioner Adam Silver tending to the health and rights of his players.