Actor Danny Trejo saves a trapped baby from an overturned auto

Danny Trejo attends the LA Premiere of Paramount

Danny Trejo attends the LA Premiere of Paramount

Actor Danny Trejo is known for playing the villain in numerous films he's appeared in but he will be known as a hero in real life after helping save a young special-needs child trapped inside an overturned vehicle.

Trejo, 75, happened to be on the scene when two cars crashed on an intersection in Los Angeles, causing one auto to flip onto its roof.

"What we saw was a lady ran a red light, crashed into that little Explorer, flipped it over", Trejo, an LA native, according to video obtained by The Post.

A young boy with special needs and his grandmother were trapped inside.

"I just feel great that the Lord put me right there in that spot to do what I did that's all", Trejo told CBS Los Angeles.

Trejo said he climbed inside the vehicle with the help of a young female bystander managed to pull the boy out of the vehicle. He said 'muscles.' We got kind of a bond.

He told local news outlet ABC 7: "If that kid hadn't been in a auto seat it would've been all over for him". The only unbelievable thing is, since he couldn't get the child's seat belt undone, he actually could have used a machete. "The seat was completely ripped off and he was laying on the floor, but was still wearing his vehicle seat". Stewart said all three occupants were taken to a hospital with no significant injuries.

There's no official cause for the accident yet. Tony Im, a spokesman with the Los Angeles Police Department, said that no arrests were made and the incident is being classified as a two-car traffic collision.

"Everything great that has transpired has occurred as an immediate effect of helping another person", Trejo disclosed to CNN partner KABC. After he was out, he began working as a youth drug counselor and was asked by a patient to help with drug problems on a movie set.

The veteran actor, who has appeared in the hit TV crime-drama Breaking Bad and in films including Con Air, Desperado and Heat, said that his fortunes in life have been a result of him paying things forward.

He is best-known for playing the character Machete from the Spy Kids series and later in his own Machete action film and its sequel, Machete Kills. You know you'd go see it.