5 people injured in shooting near Keele and Finch

Police investigate a shooting outside a nightclub in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue area Aug. 4 2019. CITYNEWS

Police investigate a shooting outside a nightclub in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue area Aug. 4 2019. CITYNEWS

"This is not a normal weekend in the City of Toronto", said Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders at a press conference on Monday.

A Toronto police official told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said that it was "fortunate there's five victims only", because "the club was completely full".

Five people are in hospital, one in critical condition, after a shooting outside a nightclub in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue area overnight.

In terms of where the guns are coming from and how to deal with firearms crossing the border or 3D printing of guns, Saunders said he is more focused on the people using the guns.

"We've got shell cases inside, shell cases outside", Chief Saunders said.

Two other people with gunshot wounds made their way to the hospital, but police could not confirm where they were shot.

On Saturday afternoon, police were called to Liberty Village at about 4:30 p.m. for a shots fired call and located a man with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

One of the male victims was in life-threatening condition and one of the victims was in serious condition when they were taken to hospital, the spokesperson said.

There was also a shooting at around 6 a.m. Sunday in the wealthy Bridle Path neighborhood at a home that had been rented on Airbnb.

The 14th person was shot Monday afternoon in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood. By contrast, four of the shooting incidents had multiple victims, Chief Saunders said. He also said that "nothing that seems to indicate" a connection between the shootings, although said the investigations are still ongoing.

"I do not anticipate in a three-day or two-day span that I'm going to be talking about 13 people shot. This is not Toronto", he said.

Saunders refused to pin blame on the festivities, but said that the increased density of people in the city at night and the number of venues open could potentially have been a contributing factor to the spike in violence.

The shootings occurred over a busy long-weekend in Toronto, which hosted the Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

"We can't let these 11 occurrences define, because of this event, this is what happened".

"After they shot you could see the gun smoke in the club", she said.

He added that police have "a lot of resources on this one and we will be in good shape to solve this one if we have witnesses come up to help".

"I know Toronto Police are working non-stop to find those responsible for these shootings and to bring them to justice".

Mayor John Tory released a statement reaffirming his position on banning handguns, which he said he believes would address gun violence in the city.

"This was always put forward as a part of the answer to gun violence together with changes to other laws affecting things like bail, additional support for police, and the paramount need for all three governments to invest together in kids, families and neighbourhoods", said his statement.