Rwanda reopens border with Ebola-hit DR Congo: Kinshasa

Goma working with Ebola

Goma working with Ebola

The miner's wife and one of his daughters have been infected with Ebola and are being treated in a Goma hospital, according to Congolese authorities.

"A total of 12 people from various centres on the outskirts (of Goma) are undergoing testing after the response team triggered the alert protocol", it said in a statement.

On Thursday, neighbouring Rwanda closed its border with the DRC amid concerns over the spread of the disease, a move criticised by health officials.

Meanwhile, Rwanda had already reopened its border with the DR Congo hours after it was closed on Thursday following news of a third death from the virus in Goma.

She added: 'I talked with my counterpart, the DRC Minister of Health, and clarified that the border is open and should remain open'.

The DRC declared their 10th outbreak of Ebola in 40 years on 1 August 2018.

In July, the outbreak was declared an worldwide health emergency by the WHO, but the body said there should be no trade or travel restrictions.

Contacts, and contacts of contacts of confirmed Ebola virus disease patients, health care and frontline workers in affected areas, and health care and frontline workers in areas at risk of spread of the outbreak are eligible for the vaccination.

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So far, a campaign of vigilance and vaccination encompassing nearly 75 million screenings has successfully kept the outbreak confined to the country's northeast.

A sister of that same miner who had traveled to Congo's South Kivu province was swiftly identified and brought back to Goma, Muyembe said.

The joint United Nations statement called Ebola relentless and devastating as it is passed "from mother to child, husband to wife, patient to caregiver, from the dead body of a victim to the mourning relative". BORDER TOWN Nestled in hilly country at the foot of an active volcano, Goma lies just 7 km (4.5 miles) from Rwanda's main border town of Gisenyi. Two of the Ebola patients who were caught early are doing well.

The UN Security Council on Friday expressed grave concern about the current Ebola virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and stressed the urgency of broad cooperation in the response, as "the disease could spread rapidly, including to neighbouring countries, possibly having serious humanitarian consequences and impacting regional stability." .

It had previously been reluctant to make such a big statement, partly out of fear that nearby countries would shut their borders and damage the economy or cause unrest.

The number of cases of EVD have risen in the city of Goma.

The Congolese government offered reassurance to Rwanda that it would step up hand-washing and temperature sensing operations at the border crossing.

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