Woman undergoes amputation after catching infection from pet

Ohio Woman Wakes From Coma to Find Legs, Arms Partially Amputated After Infection From Dog Saliva

Ohio Woman Wakes From Coma to Find Legs, Arms Partially Amputated After Infection From Dog Saliva

Marie Trainer told told Fox 8 Cleveland that said she has no recollection of what happened. Then, Marie woke up 10 days later from a coma in Aultman Hospital, where she remained for nearly three months. Her symptoms included nausea, a backache and a temperature.

Although medical staff at Aultman Hospital put Marie through aggressive treatments, she reportedly developed sepsis - a potentially life-threatening condition characterized by an unusually high heart and breathing rates - within hours.

"When I opened my eyes, I didn't know where I was", she said.

A woman from OH was hospitalized for more than 80 days and had her limbs partially amputated after contracting severe bacterial infection from dog saliva.

"We were getting new symptoms and worsening symptoms very rapidly."

Marie said she would keep her dogs and was looking forward to returning home.

An Ohio business owner's rapid downward spiral to near-death began innocently enough - with an affectionate lick on her arm from one of her two pet dogs.

Marie says she lay down and woke up with her limbs partially amputated.

Tests concluded that the cause of infection was capnocytophaga, a germ commonly found in dogs and cats that can be contagious after close contact.

Kobe said it's "fairly common" in dogs' oral cavities and can be transmitted through a bite, or sometimes just contact with saliva.

She continued: "That organism is very virulent. It has the ability to induce your immune system to do some pretty awful things", Kobe told Fox.

The disease causes a plethora of blood clots that have lead to Marie contracting gangrene and necrosis.

Without the amputations, doctors told the family Marie would die.

That type of severe reaction is very rare, affecting roughly one in a million people, according to Kobe.

In 2018 a Wisconsin man also had partial amputations on all four limbs after being licked by a dog.

People with weakened immune systems, like patients with cancer or those taking certain medications, are at greater risk of becoming ill from the bacteria.

While she can't wait to be reunited with her two dogs, Marie does admit she has a lot of healing to do, and will have to lean on her family for support.

"If you get bit by a dog you definitely need to go on antibiotics and to wash your hands when playing with a dog, especially with an open cut", Kobe told the outlet. She said she is thankful that her husband has been such a source of inspiration while she recovers.

"My dog licked me... my dogs lick me all the time", Marie said.

To help with the massive medical expenses and much needed prosthetic limbs, loved ones started "Trainer Strong" fundraising campaigns and they've created a GoFundMe page. I mean what do you do?

Trainer was in a coma for 10 days, had a total of eight surgeries, and spent 80 days in the hospital - but she lived. "I had to learn how to sit up, roll over, it's been just very hard".