Trump refuses to protect Apple's Mac Pros from China tariffs

Trump slams door on tariff waivers for Apple’s newest computer

Trump slams door on tariff waivers for Apple’s newest computer

President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he will not make the components for Apple's new Mac Pro exempt from tariffs on imports from China.

The reaction probably would have been different had Trump made it clear that the tariffs will be applied to Apple's top-selling product, the iPhone, which has always been assembled in China. Last month, Apple was among the companies that sent letters to the US Trade Representative's office warning that additional tariffs would also force tech vendors to raise prices on their products. "Even though Apple is the poster child in this trade war, and caught in the crosshairs, moving Mac production there is the biggest symbol they're not backing away from China". Clearly, Trump isn't happy about the move.

He adds that Apple should get the parts made in the US if he does not want any tariff on them.

Apple did not immediately return a request for comment for this story.

Apple submitted multiple requests asking the Trump administration to exclude certain Mac Pro parts from a 25% import tariff.

Apple is making its new Mac Pro in China instead of the US.

Apple has not announced plans to assemble products in Texas but has said it will expand its local headquarters in the state. The company is scheduled to report earnings Tuesday, and executives are likely to be asked about Apple's supply chain in light of the U.S. However, for the 2019 Mac Pro, the company has asked Quanta in China to manufacture the Mac Pro.

The Trump administration has denied numerous other tariff exclusion requests from major companies including General Motors Co for its Chinese-made Buick Envision, Tesla Inc for components for its electric vehicles and Uber Technologies Inc for electric bikes. The Trump Administration has levied billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods in response to which China imposed retaliatory duties on American products.

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