Antonio Brown made a dramatic entrance

Antonio Brown made a dramatic entrance

Antonio Brown made a dramatic entrance

Oakland Raiders star wide receiver Antonio Brown made a grand appearance in his first training camp with the team, showing up to Napa on a hot air balloon.

"I thought it would be exciting to switch it up".

Jacksonville Jaguars' defensive back Jalen Ramsey rolled into town earlier this week in the back of an armored truck, which looked likely to be the story of camp arrival season.

It's unclear whether A.B. actually dropped into Oakland's camp at the Napa Valley Training Complex via hot air balloon, a maneuver that seems, I don't know, all levels of unsafe and in violation of California balloon code.

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Antonio Brown may have taken it to a new level, though.

The last public appearance from Brown saw him riding in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley to Raiders camp Friday morning. "We kinda gotta develop our identity", Brown said.

The 7-time Pro Bowler has a goal to "make the Raiders great again" and says it all starts with training camp and working together as a team.

Who knows how Brown will somehow outdo this at next year's training camp.

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