Tiger Hides in Family's Living Room to Escape Flood

Assam Bihar M’laya hit by floods

Assam Bihar M’laya hit by floods

The northeastern Indian states of Bihar and Assam were hit particularly hard.

Monsoon floods have devastated the eastern states of Bihar and Assam, killing more than 100 people and displacing millions.

Over 1.47 lakh displaced people are now in 755 relief camps and 304 relief distribution centres set up by the administrations. On Wednesday, the river breached an embankment, flooding a northern district and sending thousands to makeshift camps.

In Nepal, the death toll has reached 88, according to the Home Ministry. Authorities have opened 1,080 relief camps which are now house more than 200,000 people, according to Assam Disaster Management Authority.

None of the park's 110 tigers have so far died during the floods.

The rains represent only the beginning of the monsoon season, which stretches on until September.

Guwahati: The severity of the Assam flood has left the entire nation shaken with which the noted personalities, famous figures and Bollywood celebrities have come out in public to extend their support and sympathy for the state and its people. The average rainfall over the last five months has fallen fall short of the average for parts of the country.

At least 43 animals have been killed from the floods, but authorities are more concerned about opportunistic poachers taking advantage of the deluge to target animals.

On Thursday, a picture of a tiger lying on a bed in a house near the national highway was widely circulated on the internet.

The one-horned rhinos in the picture can be seen resting on dry patches of land in Kaziranga, 80 per cent of which has been submerged under floodwater due to the devastating floods and landslides which have struck the state.

'It appears the tiger strayed into a human settlement area to escape the floods and was very exhausted, ' said park director Shiv Kumar.

"We are preparing to tranquilize the tiger".

The animal, spotted resting on a bed Thursday morning at a residence in the state of Assam, is believed to have ended up there after escaping the flood-ravaged Kaziranga National Park, the BBC reported. "Assam floods bring in unusual guests!"