Challenges mount for Boris Johnson amid minister's signal on no-confidence vote

Challenges mount for Boris Johnson amid minister's signal on no-confidence vote

Challenges mount for Boris Johnson amid minister's signal on no-confidence vote

The Tory MP said he would "do anything I could" to help him.

Some 17 Tories rebelled in the vote and crucially Chancellor Philip Hammond, Justice Secretary David Gauke, Business Secretary Greg Clark and International Development Secretary Rory Stewart did not take part.

In a signal of his intentions as a backbencher, the Chancellor said: "I will remain a member of the House of Commons. We'll get on with it and think much more about what we are going to do to unleash the talents and the potential of the whole country, that's what I want to do".

He added: "I think it's really important that, at this historic stage in this country's lifetime in modern politics, that politicians put aside any of their own personal ambitions or views and actually make sure they do the right thing as they see it for the country".

Asked whether the next prime minister might be forced by parliament to delay Brexit again, lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg told Radio 4 that the new PM would have the power to resist calls for another delay if he wanted to. Mr Johnson is said to be considering prorogation as an option to stop the Remainer-dominated parliament from stopping a no-deal Brexit happening on October 31st.

"It's quite hard unless they have a vote of no confidence and they don't want to do that because they would lose their seats because any Conservatives who voted against the Government on a vote of no confidence would be automatically deprived of the whip", he said.

Hawaii telescope protesters don't back down after arrests
Local media say the demonstrations began on Monday, as the work was to resume after being suspended for about four years. On Monday, Hawaii state officials attempted to close the road to the summit so that construction could begin.

Brandon Routh será de nuevo Superman en el Arrowverso
Al parecer esta noticia será confirmada en la Comic Con de San Diego , pero todo indica que ya casi es un hecho. The Atom ( Brandon Routh ) en promocional de la temporada 1 de DC's Legends of Tomorrow .

Kosovo PM resigns before questioning by a Hague-based court
Mr Haradinaj said he would be questioned next week. "I am not accused, but [will be] questioned" by the court, Haradinaj added. Kosovo's Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj speaks during a press conference in Pristina, Kosovo, July 19, 2019.

Mr Johnson told the Daily Express in an interview published Friday that the country needs to get its "mojo back", saying: "The three years will seem like a bad dream".

"Instead, Boris will hasten the country's preparations for 31 October and offer the European Union a free trade deal, similar to the one they offered us in 2018 which the last government declined".

"Why would we have another extension?" I don't think there is any appetite in the United Kingdom for another extension, nobody wants it.

"And don't forget how it works - at the moment, the United Kingdom leaves legally on October 31, that is the law. Well, I'm not going to ask for an extension".

"There is a real sense of anxiety this is causing and we need to address it".

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