YouTube Music Launches Video Switching

When YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium subscribers start listening to a supported song on YouTube Music, a video button will appear on the screen, as well as the song's album artwork. YouTube Music's recent launch means it has some catching up to do to more established players like Spotify and Apple Music, and today, it's trying to give itself an edge by rolling out a feature it's unique situated to deliver. Thankfully for them, The YouTube Music app now lets you switch between music videos and plain 'ol music with a single toggle, seamlessly switching between the two mid-playback, and you can even disable videos entirely by default. I got halfway through the title of a new post to the YouTube Blog that read, "YouTube Music now lets listeners switch..." and began raising my hands in the air, only to be disappointed by the finish. If you don't ever want to switch to video, you can turn off the button in the settings by toggling "Don't play music videos". Go forth and discover some great music videos for your favorite songs.

The new feature automatically sources a music track's respective music video.

YouTube also says that it feature is a good way to avoid sitting through all of the additional stuff that sometimes comes along with music videos, such as long introductions. You can flip back and fourth as much as you want and everything should stay in sync.

You can download the latest YouTube Music app for Android or iOS to enjoy this new feature.