PUBG Season 4 To Rekindle Original Erangel Map

PUBG Mobile Season 8. Image PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 8. Image PUBG Mobile

- To celebrate the first anniversary of the Royale Pass, some items from Season 2 and Season 3 are coming back. The video trailer shows the story of a boy which is surviving a destructive war in the Erangel map and slowing become the mastermind of the entire game and master of the map. The update is now live on both Android and iOS and has a size of 158MB and 181MB, respectively.

In addition to last week's TEAM UP voting period, players can support their favorite of the top nine TEAM UP superstars to earn exclusive PUBG MOBILE rewards, including a customized PMCO in-game parachute, and the chance of lucky draw with exclusive giveaways provided by the nine stars and ALAN WALKER. Classic mode results screen has been adjusted. For this season, the Royale Pass will have a nautical theme, as PUBG Mobile sets its sights on the seas, bringing new unlockable and equippable lost treasures from the oceans.

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Alongside the new trailer, PUBG Corp. also revealed the new lobby music which will accentuate the pre-game experience in Season 4. Right now, PUBG mobile gamers are enjoying the Season 7 update which is about to end in few days.

The update also adds a new HDR mode for select high-end devices, which the company claims will enable better graphics. There's a new weapon available in the game for those who prefer the run and gun method of hunting down and taking out their enemies. The PP-19 SMG delivers single shot damage of 35 and has a fire rate similar to UMP9. Another feature that has been introduced is requesting elite pass or elite pass plus from friends from the royale pass purchase page. They would also be rewarded with an AWM Season 8 skin, a special team-joining effect and name tags, a permanent season title after reaching Diamond, Crown and Ace Tiers, respectively. At the very least you'll have a new gun to play with while you explore the game's redesigned season system, which should tide people over for at least a couple of days.

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