National Basketball Association star Kawhi Leonard is countersued by Nike

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard

After Leonard reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against Nike, claiming that the logo was actually his design, the giant sports apparel company has fired back, saying that they own the logo and that Kawhi should no longer be using it since their contract ended past year. According to a new report by TMZ, "Nike is countersuing for copyright infringement, fraud and breach of contract - and they're looking for a judge to stop Kawhi from using the design". Leonard claims he's the one who created the logo and that it's his property. Since then, the relationship between Leonard and Nike has been strained. That is true. What is false is that the design he provided was the Claw Design. Instead, he conflates the two, making it appear as though those discrete works are one and the same.

You may have also heard, that at one point this summer, LA Clippers' owner Steve Ballmer tried to purchase the logo back from Nike in order to gift it to Leonard, should he end up choosing the Clippers in free agency.

In their suit, Nike says Kawhi even acknowledged publicly that Nike should be given "all the credit" for the design for turning a "rough draft" into a professional logo. Leonard and Jordan Brand parted ways in 2018 and has been blocked from using the logo on any of his merchandise. Because of this, Nike says in its countersuit that it is "entitled to the maximum statutory damages recoverable, or for other amounts as may be proper", in addition to legal fees and other costs. Despite leaving Nike, Leonard has continued to use the logo but as the star said in a recent lawsuit against Nike, the brand sent him a cease and desist. He's inked to a deal with New Balance for years to come.

This situation is starting to get really messy for the Fun Guy.