'Manholes' are out as Berkeley removes gender-specific language from city code

Falling but not fast enough to meet goals. City of Berkeley

Falling but not fast enough to meet goals. City of Berkeley

Manholes will heretofore be referred to as "maintenance holes", and the words "fraternity", "sorority", and "fraternal" will all be nixed with regards to the UC campus's Greek system - these will be replaced with "Collegiate Greek system residence".

The city of Berkeley, California, voted to move forward with an ordinance that would remove gendered language from its municipal codes, replacing it with gender-neutral terminology.

In a tweet, Mr Robinson said the ordinance, which was adopted on its first reading, was important because "there's power in language". That would be "maintenance hole", CNN noted. "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anybody", said Erin Davis of Berkley. "What you will see in the aftermath of this legislation is other jurisdictions looking at what they might be prepared to do to protect their young people".

"It sounds like they want to include everybody, including trans, the LGBTQ community that gets left out".

"No. Uh... I think it would remain the same".

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Some described the move as "equal measures childish, pompous, prudish, self-righteous, narcissistic, and insane", while others argued that city hall must have "a lot of spare time on their hands dreaming up ways to be politically correct". The reason why they're gender separated is because they are gender separated.

The progressive bastion of Berkeley, California, is eager to make its laws as inclusive as possible by eliminating gendered terms from its books. "Male" and "female" becomes "people of different genders".

The ordinance, which will cost the city about $600, will be reviewed again next week before it goes into effect in late August, NBC News reported.

The complete list of terms to be changed is here, and it includes switching all gendered pronouns to "they" and "them", and instead of using pronouns where various roles are mentioned in the code, "he" or "he or she" will become "the architect" or "the respondent", etc.

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