Huawei's European handset sales tumbled in June: Kantar

iPhone XR was the most popular phone in the US in Q2 2019

iPhone XR was the most popular phone in the US in Q2 2019

However, despite Android OS's growth in market share, the data shows Huawei faces potential danger for the future of its smartphones.

Both Apple and Google have developed tools to help users transfer data from iOS to Android and vice versa, though it's still a major leap. The Motorola E5 Play and G6 Plus were top performing models, but it's increased distribution that is the largest driver behind the upturn.

Earlier Wednesday, Kantar reported that during the quarter ending in June 2019, iOS-based devices accounted for 36% of phone sales in the U.S., down 2.4 percent from the same quarter past year. Kantar says Huawei owners might be waiting for some clarification in the U.S. saga before deciding what to do next.

Although Huawei phones now operate as normal, company founder Ren Zhengfei has said he expects the U.S. sanctions to curtail the company's revenue by about US$30 billion over the coming two years.

The Apple iPhone XR was the best-selling phone in the States, followed by the iPhone 8 and iPhone XS Max. "If this continues to be the case and the dispute is resolved it might mean that the majority of sales are delayed rather than lost to competitors, but the speed at which a resolution is found will determine this", Kantar analyst Dominic Sunnebo said in a statement. Huawei, when combined with its sister brand Honor, is close to making up one in every two sales in Urban China in Q2 2019, with 46.1% share.

US President Donal Trump signed an executive order a couple of months ago to put Chinese giant Huawei on the "Entity List", effectively banning the US-based companies from doing any kind of business with Huawei.