Apple, Google celebrate diversity unveiling over 70 new symbols

Animated selection of new emoji coming this fall

Animated selection of new emoji coming this fall

There's a prosthetic arm and leg, along with people in a wheelchair and hearing aids.

Other fun new additions include a sloth, an otter, waffles, men's underwear, a yawning face, and - for some odd reason - a plate of falafel balls.

Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emoji that, as usual, included cute critters but also featured ones that expand the boundaries of inclusion.

We were getting so exhausted of writing the word "garlic" all the time, and good guy Unicode included one emoji for that breathless feeling. You can also find more at the source link below. Emoji users want more inclusive and representative emojis, with 73% preferring a customisation option to better reflect their personal appearance and identity. The day is observed to celebrate emoji which is one of the most popularly used digital means of communication.

Over all, the company is going to add 59 new emoji to the iPhone keyboard this fall with a software update, adding on to the already thousands of emojis that are available to iPhone users. As Google explains, "the emoji for "police officer" is commonly shown as male and "person getting haircut" is female, which can reinforce gender stereotypes". Stylish, colorful and detailed are key attributes of the classic Apple emoji.

Even though the usability of these new emojis is quite questionable but the company here is trying to bring something new to customers.

Apple and Google are both expected to launch their own interpretations of this year's characters later this year for iOS 13 and Android Q, respectively. Many cited the ability to communicate across language barriers (94%) and share thoughts and ideas (90%) as benefits of using emojis.