Accessible with the Vendetta outfit at the nothern most Sky Platform Location



The end of Fornite Season 9 is close, and today marks the end of the Fortbyte challenge. Today, Fortbyte 38 was unlocked-and here's where you can find it. Unlike that trio of discoveries, however, Fortbyte #38 requires a minimum Battle Pass tier and unique cosmetic to unlock. With that in mind, the final Fortbyte comes in the form of Fortbyte 38 and it is accessible with the Vendetta Outfit at the northernmost Sky Platform.

Once you've unlocked the outfit, simply head to the "Locker" tab from the main menu, select the "Outfit" option and choose the Vendetta skin from your selection.

If you collect 90 Fortbytes, you'll be rewarded with the Singularity skin, which has two more stages that are available after finding 95 and 100 Fortbytes respectively.

Finally, we are: Fortnite players can collect the hundredth and last Fortbyte of Season 9.

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Unfortunately, if you've not been putting in the work grinding out the weekly challenges and generally playing a fair amount of Fortnite, the Vendetta outfit might be somewhat out of your reach. The northernmost sky platform is in grid reference F3, just southwest of the water of Lazy Lagoon. Inside the platform, the Fortbyte will be waiting to be collected.

Battle Royale's ninth season has introduced Fortbytes, and while players are late into the season, there are still daily challenges being unveiled to unlock each collectible item.

We've also gone ahead and captured a short clip of video showing you where Fortbyte 38 is in-game.

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