National Weather Service Issues Excessive Heat Warning



By mid-century, a large swath of the USA, including most of Texas, could see a few days in an average year when the heat index value - a measure that takes temperature and humidity levels into account - surpasses the National Weather Service's heat index scale.

The heat index in Washington, D.C., for example, is forecast to peak around 110 degrees on Saturday, with similarly sweat-inducing readings predicted for the so-called "Acela Corridor", up through Philadelphia and New York City. The longer the heat persists with no break the more unsafe it gets.

Saturday should be the hottest day of the stretch. As the front pulls away to the east, the heat will ride gusty southwest winds into our area.

Heat index values at and above 100-degrees for the majority of the next 5 days.

By late-century, with slow action on climate change, Staten Island would experience 55 days per year with a heat index exceeding 90 degrees, 17 days with a heat index exceeding 100 degrees and seven days with a heat index over 105 degrees.

Rising temperatures from global warming will more than double the number of dangerously hot days across the United States by 2050 unless the country does more to fight the problem.

Temperatures will cross over into the 90s by Thursday, and that's when things heat up.

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With the chance of rain and extremely high heat, download the FOX 2 Weather Authority App for live radar and updates.

Kristina Dahl, senior climate scientist at UCS and co-author of the report, said in a statement that the analysis portrays "a hotter future that's hard to imagine" for people living today. "Such conditions could pose unprecedented health risks".

That's still a lot (and note: we're not currently on track to hit that Paris agreement target), but the study authors say changing course now could still end up saving a lot of lives across the U.S.

Temperatures are also expected to rise throughout the West Michigan viewing area.

Cool Down St. Louis makes sure utility bills are paid so air conditioners stay on.

After that, extreme heat and humidity will quickly return for the weekend.

Historically, on Staten Island, there have been 18 days per year with a heat index exceeding 90 degrees and two days per year with a heat index exceeding 100 degrees. According to the report, that number would jump to 68 days a year by mid-century without any action on climate change, and to 92 days a year by the end of the century.

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