Locations of USA nuclear weapons accidentially included in report from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Sen. Joseph Day
Steph Crosier  Postmedia  File

Sen. Joseph Day Steph Crosier Postmedia File

The paper reported that about 150 nuclear weapons Americans is stored "Kleine Brogel" (Belgium), "büchel" (Germany), "Aviano" and "Ghedi-Torre" (Italy), "Volkel" (the Netherlands) and Incirlik (Turkey), says Meduza.

It is specified that in the original version of the report dated April 16 this year, the bases in which the nuclear weapons are held.

Earlier, the us military has not officially reported where USA nuclear weapons in Europe.

The documents - subsequently deleted - confirmed the "open secret", the outlet reported: US nukes are being stored in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey, the Post reported.

The author of the report said the first version was only a draft. "All information used in this report is open source material", he wrote.

The author of the report told The Washington Post that "this is not an official North Atlantic Treaty Organisation document".

The presence of United States nuclear weapons in Europe acted as a deterrent to the Soviet Union during the Cold War and also meant European countries would not need to develop their own versions.

"This is not an official NATO document", the official added, noting that it was written by members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

USA and European media are describing the disclosure as the revelation of "worst-kept secret" or a confirmation of "a long-held open secret". Dutch broadcaster RTL News ran an article headlined: 'Nato reveals the Netherlands's worst-kept secret'. "This has always been fairly open knowledge". The locations of U.S. nuclear weaponshad been deleted. A diplomatic cable from a USA ambassador to Germany suggested that there were concerns about how long the weapons could be kept in these countries.

"Russia deploys and stores its nuclear weapons exclusively on its own territory".