‘Waddling vagrants:’ Police capture penguins who set up shop in sushi bar

‘Waddling vagrants:’ Police capture penguins who set up shop in sushi bar

‘Waddling vagrants:’ Police capture penguins who set up shop in sushi bar

Blue penguins have been removed from under a sushi bar in front of Wellington railway station for a second time.

The Department of Conservation was called in and removed the small birds for a second time this evening. "Our rangers report that they seemed to like it and were making cooing noises which is a good sign".

Despite having been told not to come back the adorable pests made their way across a busy road and into the sushi bar a second time later that day.

According to the Wellington District Police penguins were removed from a sushi stand on July 13, 2019.

Wini Morris works at the sushi shop where the penguins hid.

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"It's pretty insane the idea that some penguins are camping out under your shop", she said. The penguins were described as "little and blue".

Constable John Zhu helps apprehend the penguin fugitives.

Interestingly, the Wellington Police had been entangled with a similar case on the weekend, being called on to help shepherd a "little and blue" penguin back into the sea on Saturday night after it was found on the street. DOC believes that they are keeping a tab on the place as they believe that the penguins will return to the same spot.

Jack Mace says this time of year - the Southern Hemisphere winter - the penguins pair up and look for sites to lay their eggs, which may have prompted this couple to venture further afield. Jack also said that people should maintain distance from the penguins, as they are chances they could bite.

Meanwhile, closer to home in Nottingham, a bloke who bought two penguins from someone on Facebook has had to return them to the zoo they were stolen from.

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